COVID-19 UPDATE: Friends, partners, and clients. We will continue working as normally as possible as we confront COVID-19 and its far-reaching consequences.  For many years our work has required us to work remotely and there is little we need which we do not carry in our bags.  We also have contingency measures in place when members of our team become ill.

In line with evolving government advice all our staff are now working from home. We are conducting all our work including meetings and workshops, remotely via audio or video calls, or videoconferencing (typically MS Teams and Zoom) and are exploring other digital collaboration platforms.

Within these constraints we are progressing our work close to ‘usual’ as we can.  We are also actively exploring digital tools which strengthen our ability to achieve the high level of inter-personal collaboration and discussion that underpin our work.

These events have brought home the importance of voice conversations rather than emails – so if have anything at all you want to discuss then please call us on 020 7756 7600, we’d love to hear from you.  We recognise the relatively fortunate position we are in, and our thoughts go out to those facing greater challenge and hardship.

At Shared Intelligence we use data and evidence, logical ways of thinking and facilitated conversations to help our clients achieve better outcomes for the places and communities they serve.
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