We have enormous confidence in the power of facilitated conversations. They can help people make sense of complex evidence. They can provide a safe space for constructive challenge. They can help to build trust. They can be used to test emerging findings and recommendations and build wider ownership of a case for change.

Productive conversations can take place in a variety of settings: focus groups; a small group of senior leaders; an open-space style event to open up new possibilities; a sense-making event to help craft conclusions. We encourage all our clients to think about how activities such as these can help them make progress.

High quality facilitation is crucial. It helps to build trust and confidence. It can keep a group to task and to time. It can provide an external perspective and constructive challenge. It ensures that space is reserved for reflection. And it can create space for quieter voices to be heard.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our facilitation. This is an integral part of our approach to strategy development, to research and evaluation and to individual and organisational learning.

Examples of our work include:

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