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At Shared Intelligence we do what our name suggests and are proud to do so. We start from the assumption that our clients know more than we do and that our job is to help them make better use of that knowledge. We do this by working with our clients as collaboratively as possible.

We are a small public policy consultancy specialising in local governance, local economies and local public service delivery. Our senior team has first-hand experience of working in central and local government and at the interface between the two. We understand the world in which our clients work.

We enjoy helping our clients break new ground. We worked with the councils that pioneered local public service agreements. We supported two of the Total Place pilots. We helped lead the debate on the future of libraries. We wrote one of the first local industrial strategies. We reviewed the early adoption of predictive analytics in local government. We are developing the first employment and skills outcomes agreement.

We care about what we do, and our ambition is to help our clients to deliver better outcomes for the places, people and communities they serve.

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Shared Intelligence
@SharedintelMar 11
RT @swannphil: On an issue like child obesity it is important to learn from “honourable failures” as well as from successes. Learn how to d…
Shared Intelligence
@SharedintelMar 04
RT @swannphil: Having examined budgets for about 35 years now I’m struck by how unsatisfactory this year’s is. There were so many pre-annou…
Shared Intelligence
@SharedintelFeb 18
RT @swannphil: A classic piece of siloed and blinkered thinking. My latest piece for @lgcplus Skills white paper looks like an opportunity…

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