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LGA supporting LEP integration and future of Economic development teams

In 2022 Shared intelligence was commissioned by the LGA to undertake two separate projects relating to economic development, firstly looking to support Local authorities in integrating Local enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and secondly at reviewing the future role and skills requirement of economic development teams.

Following the announcement in the Levelling Up white paper and subsequent ministerial letter in March 2022 that set out pathways for LEP integration into (mayoral) combined authorities or institutions with devolved powers, the LGA, through Shared Intelligence helped support local authorities to navigate integration. The project focused on capturing the opportunities, challenges and lessons learnt through a series of interviews and workshops with both currently integrating areas as well as accountable authorities to LEPs.

Through identifying the challenges, opportunities, best practice, gaps in skills and the provision of training within economic development, the research produced a report with a set of nine recommendations. These were aimed at economic development services, elected members, and national organisations. Some examples include exploring joint working across neighbouring council ED services, proactive engagement from members to ensure services are fully aligned with the administration’s objectives, and national organisations producing a clear career pathway for new and existing economic development role.

Supporting the integration of Local Enterprise Partnerships | Local Government Association

A guide on the role and future skills needs of economic development teams | Local Government Association

Libraries Connected Accreditation Scheme

Shared intelligence was commissioned by Libraries Connected to develop and accreditation scheme for public libraries. The accreditation is intended to help maintain the standard of library services as an authoritative, sector-led scheme to help libraries meet the needs of their local communities.

The two-year project looked to understand and define ‘What is a good public library, and how can this be reflected in a self-improvement framework?’ As part of the brief to ensure that accreditation paved the way for sector-led improvement, the scheme was designed in co-production through a number of workshops with heads of library services from across England.

Using inspiration from a number of existing cultural standards and heavy input from the library sector itself, we produced a draft accreditation scheme which has buy-in and ownership of the sector. Structured around the themes of People, Place, Purpose and Policy, it has been designed to measure how well library services engage with their communities, respond to local need, work in partnership with others and demonstrate inspiring leadership.

The scheme is intended to be taken on by Arts Council England in 2024.

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