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Tackling Childhood Obesity: Our work for the Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme (Oct 2020 – Jun 2022)

Shared Intelligence supported the delivery and dissemination of learning from the Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme (COTP). This three-year DHSC-funded programme supported cross-sector action to tackle childhood obesity in Birmingham, Bradford, Lewisham, Nottinghamshire and Pennine Lancashire.

As the delivery support partner for the learning network, Si captured and disseminated learning across the Trailblazers and wider sector. Si led learning and reflections sessions with individual Trailblazers, and designed and facilitated Trailblazer learning events and national assemblies. Si produced case studies, learning notes and blogs to capture specific themes and areas of learning including ‘action in two tier areas’, ‘engaging business’ and ‘hearing the young person’s voice’.

In addition to this national role, Si supported the local delivery of the Nottinghamshire and Lewisham Trailblazers. This provided deeper insights into the practicalities of using local authority levers to tackle this complex health issue and developing relationships and partnerships across a place. The Nottinghamshire Trailblazer was focused on taking a whole systems approach to tackling the early years food environment. Si supported the establishment of a community of practice for early years professionals, designed and delivered webinars to promote their Healthy Start scheme, and supported delivery of a Healthier@Home Meal Kit pilot.

The London Borough of Lewisham commissioned Si to support the development of health promotion messages that were co-produced by community organisations and residents and marketed across the borough. Si, working with partners, also supported the development of a logo to represent Lewisham’s wider whole systems work on obesity, as well as developing principles to ensure healthy eating resources can support Lewisham’s diverse communities.

Developing futures literacy and scenario creation

We have led projects applying scenarios, trends analysis, and horizon scanning for local public service clients including the development of a 30-year vision for Milton Keynes, and several studies exploring the future of public libraries.

We are founder members of an international consortium which has created and now runs a futures and strategy course aimed at senior managers across the public, commercial, and non-government sectors. The course teaches practical methods for strategy development based on futures and scenarios methods. The course is in its tenth year with close to 100 alumni.

Across all our work we design our projects to transfer skills and knowledge about our futures methods to clients and their stakeholders. We help clients understand how evidence-informed scenarios are produced, what they represent, and how to use them.

Shared Intelligence is an approved supplier on the BEIS futures framework which is open to almost all UK public sector bodies including Government departments, local authorities, and public agencies.

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