In September 2020, jointly with the National Association for Neighbourhood Management, we published a series of interviews with 13 pioneers of neighbourhood-based local public service delivery. We asked them about their experiences, how these relate to the Covid-19 crisis, and what we can take forward into a period of recovery and change. Some of those we interviewed still work in neighbourhood or locality roles, some have taken on larger responsibilities, some have moved to new careers entirely. They all carry with them a common ethos and skillset geared towards connecting citizens and public services.

These interviews are brought together in Neighbourhood Working Beyond the Pandemic and create a powerful argument for community connectors in local public services, inspired by existing models and practice from neighbourhood working.

At the start of the pandemic local public services across the country rapidly mobilised thousands of staff to engage and make connections in their communities in order to protect their residents and identify the most vulnerable. Many of these approaches built upon, or mirrored previous locality models. As we move beyond the initial crisis into recovery and resilience this legacy of professional knowledge and practice provides a foundation for wider transformation.

You can also access this recording of the roundtable discussion at which the publication was launched.