Curiosity, collaboration and commitment: these are the characteristics that we all bring to our work. Our directors offer insight based on extensive experience of working with and for public service organisations and their partners. Our consultants bring fresh perspectives and excellent analytical skills.

 Ben Lee - Copy  Charlie McCurdy
 Ben Lee Charlie McCurdy
 Charlotte Boulton - Copy  Claire Trafford - Copy
 Charlotte Boulton Claire Trafford
 Eden Musyoki  Lisa McCance - Copy
Eden Musyoki Lisa McCance
 Margaret Brade - Copy  Penny Read - Copy
Margaret Brade Penny Read
 Phil Swann - Copy  Tom Perrigo
Phil Swann Tom Perrigo
 Carol Hayden - Associate  Sarah D
Carol Hayden Sarah Donohoe
 Ethan Ohs - Copy  Cynthia Griffin - Copy
Ethan Ohs Cynthia Griffin