Working closely with Gloucestershire County Council and the six districts of Cheltenham, Cotswold, Forest of Dean, Gloucester City, Stroud and Tewkesbury, Si has supported the creation and prioritisation of a £420m infrastructure investment pipeline (GIIP). This pipeline signifies the significant growth as identified through Infrastructure Delivery Plans (IDPs), Local Plans and future aspirations.

The creation of the delivery plan has defined seven key themes: employment, education, digital, infrastructure, housing, regeneration and energy priorities. These themes were identified by the districts and meet overall growth targets of 4.8% GVA per annum up to 2022, averaged over the period of the plan. Working with the Senior Officer Group and their Local Enterprise Partnership to categorise funding opportunities and put forward projects, each project has an identified timescale, milestones, set of outcomes that will be delivered as well as a funding profile.

Reported regularly to the Gloucestershire Economic Growth Joint Committee, the GIIP is very much a ‘living’ document to ensure future growth can be captured. It is actively managed through the Senior Officer Group and Local Enterprise Partnership. A prioritisation process has also been determined to ensure that projects from the plan can come forward in a logical order to deliver the necessary infrastructure at the right time. This follows four criteria including fit with the overarching vision, contribution to growth, deliverability and value for money. The GIIP has resulted in investment from the Local Growth deal as well as transport and housing funding.

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