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Shared Intelligence has recently completed work with the London Borough of Southwark, helping them to complete a review of youth provision in the borough. This involved carrying out a number of workshops and engagement events with council officers, young people, service providers and external stakeholders to build up a full picture of provision. The key aim of this was to foster an understanding of the needs of the borough’s young people amongst stakeholders, the council and providers. To do this successfully we carried out several workshops, both in-person and virtual, a survey of schools and ethnographic fieldwork. A key part of our methodology was working alongside peer researchers, between the ages of 18-24, who were upskilled to help us to carry out our ethnographic fieldwork.

The findings and recommendations were tested and developed through an iterative process in which we were able to get feedback from relevant groups, including young people, providers and the council team who also helped us to ensure that the recommendations were deliverable and solidly based in the evidence we had collected.

Alongside colleagues at Southwark Council, the young researchers and Analogue Strategies we were awarded a 2020 Quirk’s Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Award for this work.

You can read our full report here.

Evaluating and Reviewing

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